Hey It's Xander & Harrison! We'd like to introduce ourselves :) - ADOBOLOCO

Hey It’s Xander & Harrison! We’d like to introduce ourselves :)

Aloha :)

My brother Harrison and I, the other part of the Adoboloco family are very excited to let you all know that we’ll be regularly contributing to the Adoboloco Blog. My brother will be taking tasty pictures for your eyes to feast on while I’ll be writing what you are reading now and into the future.

Over the next couple of months we will be posting informational, but fun blogs to read such as “Hamajang: Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Safely”  and even weird but tasty ways to use our Hot Sauce. Our goal is to be more connected with you the audience. If you would like us to talk about anything just ask, it might just appear in a future blog.

You might be wondering why we kids are taking over the blog. A few weeks ago you might have heard that our family moved supplies over to Oahu, you can read about that here. My brothers original job was moving all of the inventory to and from the Truck. I was in charge of labeling and internet fulfillment for all Adoboloco Hot Sauce orders. Sound boring doesn’t it? Well that’s why were so excited to move on! Since we don’t have our old jobs anymore we have received new ones. I can’t wait to share our thoughts and interests with you.

Thank you for reading!

Xander & Harrison

Photo By: Kent Rayhill, Ohana Films // Location: Downtown Kaunakakai Molokai

2 Replies to “Hey It’s Xander & Harrison! We’d like to introduce ourselves :)”

  1. Kathy Mras says:

    Great article/story. Your dad said he wears tee shirts with bacak and hamajang on them. Do you make and sell the tees? One for each sauce? Just saying and begging. I would also love to have a hot sauce named the fire Goddess gotta get the Wahines into the bacak! All jokes aside, great story.

    1. Xander says:

      Thank you. Sorry about the long wait for your reply. The family was on vacation. To answer your question you can find T-Shirts here https://adoboloco.com/apparel-t-shirt-hoodies-hats/#.VZBAwqartS8

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