Handcrafted Local Goods – Local Food Preservation

Maui Roots™ is an initiative by ADOBOLOCO® to support local farmers, makers and responsible agriculture through production and export of value added products from Maui and throughout all of Hawaii.

Maui Roots® Made on Maui, Crafted With Local Tropical Fruits, Herbs and Vegetables. Maui Roots crafts small batch local barbecue sauces, jams, jellies, mustard and spices.

What is the meaning behind the Maui Roots logo? In basic terms the shape in the background is a Kalo Corm (Taro). At the top is a silhouette of Maui. You can see both the West Maui Mountains (Mauna Kahalawai) and Haleakala (House of the Sun) as if you were looking at Maui from the Ocean in the western portion of the Alenuihaha Channel. Kalo is what poi is made from along with many other foods. It is extremely versatile and life sustaining if that is all you had access to eat. At one point, I was able to have about 16 different varieties growing in our own mala (Dry land Kalo garden or patch). Two of my absolute favorites are Maui Lehua and LihiLihi Molina. Kalo is the perfect representation of what we’re trying to accomplish with Maui Roots.