Hamajang: Top 5 Ways To Enjoy Safely

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Today we would like to talk about the Top Five Ways To Enjoy Hamajang Safely. Our hottest production flavor. Not that you don’t know how to use it (I’m pretty sure you have some awesome ways to use it yourself, so feel free to leave a comment). Now remember that this sauce is for the experienced only. Trust me I have gone overboard and I almost killed myself. So lets get started with number 5.

5. Hot Wings

  • Hot wings are Pretty much eaten everywhere. They’re the perfect little snack for any party or get together. They’re also a must have for any sports event and especially the SuperBowl. Why not spice up those Hot Wings with a little more heat and a slight smoky taste. It’s super tasty and very spicy. I recommend a 5 minute break every 5 wings for a little cool off and possibly a pitcher of beer root beer (Right I’m not 21 yet).

4. Burrito


  • Any kind of burrito you can get your hands on will do as long as it has a tortilla, beans, and your favorite meat. You know what I mean! Hamajang is one of the best burrito blasters out there. It adds a whole new level of flavor especially if the burrito you are eating has cheese in it, everything mixes together so well. Plus it’s handheld so you can put the Burrito in one hand and the sauce in the other.

3. Cheeseburger/Hamburger


  • This is one of my all time favorite foods and once you add Hamajang it just explodes! Literally, like in your mouth! The smokiness of the sauce mixes very well with the meat and the condiments. If you like your burger with blue cheese you’ll get one of the best combos in the whole world. Even on veggie burgers (if you’re into that sort of thing) it works great. Really you could say any burger, anytime, anywhere!

2. Steak


  • You can’t get much better than a great steak. Its probably the first meat we think of when we think of meat (I love meat). Any way you cook your steak, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s medium rare. Put Hamajang on it and send your taste buds on an even bigger, badder (Is that a word?) and tastier journey than ever before (even tough steak is already perfect there’s no rule against going above and beyond).

1. Chili


  • Awe Chili, it’s so simple but so good. Everyone has there own recipe. Some people will fight tooth and nail to prove that their chili is the best in the whole universe. Well, I’ll tell you a secret. If your looking to keep your chili champion title or looking to overthrow someone’s award winning chili, just use Hamajang. It adds the perfect amount of smoke and heat for that extra edge.

So there is our Top Five Ways To Use Hamajang. I hope you have enjoyed this list. I will apologize for the tasty looking pictures though, it made me hunger as well. Like I said in the beginning please leave your ideas in the comments and tell us how you use Hamajang.

The Adoboloco Family

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