Hot sauce tastings and pairings at ‘Heatonist’ in Brooklyn

Lauren Glassberg looks at a fiery food experiences with “Heatonist”, a store in Williamsburg devoted to hot sauce.

For people who like spicy food, the hotter, the better!

Now a store in Brooklyn is catering to those taste buds that crave fire and they are offering dozens of different sauces of varying degrees.

Blueberry, chocolate, carrot, and cranberry are all items found in various hot sauces.

That’s something you’ll learn at one hot sauce spot that started as an e-commerce site.

But the owner found that it’s more fun to taste before you buy.

“The biggest seller is aardvark habanero,” said Noah Chaimbert, of “Heatonist”.

Chaimbert is hoping to pave the way to more fiery food experiences with “Heatonist”, a store in Williamsburg devoted to hot sauce.

“We search around the world for the best makers of small batch hot sauce who really bring something unique to it,” Chaimbert.

The names and labels are certainly unique.

“It’s really something people get excited about and the creators put a lot of personality into it,” Chaimbert said.

That’s particularly true when it comes to their ingredients, like Key Lime Pear.

So the sampling begins.

Next up was Brooklyn-made gorilla sauce followed by a scary looking bottle containing habanero sauce with smoked jalapeno.

Chaimbert is in essence a hot sauce sommelier.

“We use that term pretty loosely we like to have fun with it it’s about pairing hot sauce with food,” Chaimbert said.

Food would maybe help the adobo loco sauce go down a little easier, but that’s nothing compared to the New Zealand fire water made with Carolina reaper pepper, the world’s hottest.

With that sauce the tears started coming.

Chaimbert suggested adding some chocolate chili sauce into some iced coffee.

It’s a whole new use for hot sauce and can actually help a scorched mouth.

“It’s really the excitement people have for discovery, it is what makes this so worthwhile,” Chaimbert said.

Sauces usually cost around $8-12 a bottle. “Heatonist” is open from noon-8 every day.

You can try any and all sauces, and private tastings can be arranged as well.

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