Adoboloco Primo
Build Your Own 3 Pack

The Adoboloco® hot sauce gift set comes in a beautifully designed box. It’s the perfect way to get a taste of 3 of our many flavors of hot sauces. Choose any 3 from these flavors: Original Adoboloco Jalapeno, Pineapple Habanero, Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water, KoloheKid, Hamajang Smoked Ghost Pepper, Maui No Ka Oi Trinidad Moruga Scorpions sauce, or our hottest FIYA! FIYA! Four pepper blend sauce

BACAK! Parsons Ohana Circa 2013

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Adoboloco Life! What a ride!

Maui is and always will by our home and original location we started Adoboloco with a single hot sauce born from a homeschool garden. Since establishing the business on Maui in 2011 a lot has changed, kids have grown and our family business has transformed along the way. Who new in 2020 we’d be where we’re at with all of the ups and downs. We’re still a small family business and will continue that way, we love working together as a family.

With some of the changes and growth, in 2014 we moved our Hawaii production to Oahu, Hawaii. Due to major logistical challenges of making a product in Hawaii and learning about shipping inter-island and then to the lower 48 and beyond. To make this work, in 2015 we decided to add production in Oregon (Connection via my wife’s family). Slowly over the last 3 years, we’ve been personally building out a small commercial kitchen in Bend, Oregon. Everyone in the family has had a share in it. We wouldn’t change a thing. Challenges? Absolutely! 2018 almost forced us into bankruptcy… scary to say the least (massive production issues). Blood, sweat and tear equity all the way. Then 2020 hit, we’re so close to completion… we’re going to keep pushing forward.

Born in Maui, Enjoyed Everywhere!® Adoboloco is local family owned, made in small batches in Hawaii, CA and very soon, Bend, OR

Maui Roots™ is an initiative by ADOBOLOCO® to support local farmers, makers and responsible agriculture through production and export of value added products from Maui and throughout all of Hawaii.

We hope you enjoy this taste of Hawaii as much as we do.

Why? I was born and raised, grown and grazed on Maui (Tim). Our family has been in Hawaii since the late 1870’s. Brought over from the Azores as sugarcane plantation laborers. If you’re from Hawaii you know how strong the ties and pull are from your home Aina… Our goal is to help with getting more exports out of Hawaii vs more imports due to the isolated location Hawaii is in. Now in 2020 local sustenance is more important than ever.




So Ono! And so easy to use. Home cooked meals couldn’t get easier. Need some ideas?


Adoboloco Salsa will keep you coming back for more, whether it’s our ROJA red daily table salsa, our VERDE tomatillo and avocado or our SUPREMO for that habanero heat. You’ll love each one and keep coming back for more.