Yes we offer wholesale to qualified specialty retailers. If you’re interested in carrying our Adoboloco products please email Tim at [email protected] for pricing and details. To open an account MOQ’s are required. In your introductory email please provide:


  • Company Name:
  • EIN:
  • Your Full Name:
  • Registered Company Address:
  • Shipping Address if Different:
  • Website/s:
  • Links to all online reseller stores with visible rating and feedback if you sell online:
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We do not refund successfully delivered orders.

Packages left in an unsecured location are a target to “Porch Pirates” and is a huge problem.

As the purchasing customer of our products you’re responsible to have a secure mail delivery box or location. If your home delivery address is not secure, please have your order mailed to your office, place of work or other secure option. Adoboloco is in no way responsible for stolen orders left in a non-secure location when delivered.

Call your local Police Dept. to report the theft.

Then call the U.S. Postal Inspectors and report: https://www.uspis.gov/

We will ship FedEx Ground, USPS or Freight depending on how large the order is. We will ship based on the best price available at the time. If you have an account with a particular shipper and want us to use that please notify us at the time of your order along with any other special instructions. Shipping quotes will be provided upon request.

We’re looking for qualified US based distributors to partner with. If interested, please email Tim here [email protected]

Scoville units from the Hot Ones show and most numbers you find on the internet are estimates from what I understand. We don’t measure the Scoville units in our sauces due to the expense. For an accurate test, multiple samples have to be sent to a lab for with each being tested for a best average rating. Each tested sample cost over $100. We’re a small company, so it’s an expense we can’t afford at the moment.

Our Hamajang sauce is probably 4x hotter than KoloheKid and our FIYA! FIYA! sauce is 3-4x hotter than Hamajang.

Mahalo for your interest in touring our facility. Due to insurance, regulations, inspections (FDA, USDA, SQF) and cost, we’re not open to the public at this time. Hopefully someday when we can afford to build a larger facility, we’ll be able to handle tours at our Hawaii and Oregon locations.

No retail sales are handled at our manufacturing facilities. Retail locations can be found here (please call each location before going, sometimes a location will sell out): ADOBOLOCO.COM/MAP

We’re looking for qualified International distributors to partner with. If interested, please email Tim here [email protected]

Regions Available:

  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • S. Korea

Apparel is printed on demand per order to cut down on waste. Due to this fact, please make sure you order the correct size.

We do not accept returns on any apparel orders.

Sorry the carrier service damaged your package. We insure all of our orders going out. If your order is damaged on arrival, please email us photos of the all damage, packaging, and the label on the package, your order number and what you need replaced to: bacak (at) adoboloco.com

This is a requirement for replacement. All carriers require this for an insurance claim. We cannot make a claim without proof of damage.

Your replacement will be sent out within 24-48 hours Mon. – Fri.

If your country has a 4 digit zip/country code you’ll need to add a zero (0) in front of your zip/country code to make it 5 digits. This way your order will be processed without an error.

Our policy is that we do not participate in any consignment sales programs.

On all of our labels it states to refrigerate after opening. This is due to different environments for storage that we have no control over. The fruit based sauces definitely need to be refrigerated once opened. This is because we use fresh fruit to make our sauces with no synthetic preservatives.

We personally don’t refrigerated our supply of non fruit sauces. We store them in a dry, cool place like all of our other spices. We feel they’re enjoyed best at room temperature.

Orders are packed on Tuesday & Fridays, & shipped on Wednesdays & Saturdays, and it takes between 3 to 7 days to arrive to the Mainland US or Canada, approximately 5 to 7 days to Japan, 7 to 10 days to Europe and 10 to 14 days to Australia and the Middle East.

Online payments are processed securely by Intuit Merchant Solutions (Makers of Quickbooks). We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVERY and now BITCOIN.

No returns on “clearance” or “ON SALE” items.

We do our best to deliver quality merchandise. However, if you are not satisfied with our products please Contact Us and we will either replace the order or issue a refund. Sorry, no refunds on shipping costs.

We have no control over shipping fees. The price is what we’re charged. The customer is responsible to pay any customs fees, duties or taxes your country charges upon entry.

Adoboloco is all natural and does not use any thickeners, synthetic oils or substances to keep it suspended and thick. To some this is a new concept but in reality it’s been used for 1000’s of years. We use the whole pepper when making our sauce, including the natural oils in each chili pepper. You’ll especially notice the oil in the Bangkok sauce because we use very dark green Thai Chilies to make the sauce. In the process the oil that is released is a very dark green almost black chili oil. All chili peppers contain this oil. If the pepper is orange the oil is orange, if the chili pepper is red, the chili oil will be red. The Thai Chili and the Hawaiian Chili both have a higher concentration of oil than most other peppers. This is why you see the oil float to the top of the bottle, similar to the way Italian dressing or balsamic vinegar and oil separate.

As a small family business we donate on a local level to non-political, non-religious community efforts throughout the year. These donations go directly to those on the ground level helping build a stronger community.

Annually we’ll review and choose an appropriate recipient. For 2020-2021 100% of apparel profits will be donated to the MAUI FOOD BANK.

Maui Roots™ is an initiative by ADOBOLOCO® to support local farmers, makers and responsible agriculture through production and export of value added products from Maui and throughout all of Hawaii.

Only one discount per transaction is valid. Only one discount code can be used per order. Discounts and coupon codes do not apply to any apparel, hats or t-shirts.

For free shipping your shopping cart needs to total $75+ after a discount is applied if using a discount code/coupon.

Authorization to resell any and all Adoboloco products online on any website is done on a case by case basis. No reseller is allowed to resell on Amazon.com or any other retail site on the internet without written authorization directly from Adoboloco.

Our hot sauce is hot, but not that hot. Due to extreme weather conditions we’ve had reports of bottles freezing and breaking while in a mailbox or at the front door waiting to be picked up. Please notify your post person not to leave your package in the elements. We are not responsible for frozen, broken bottles due to your local weather conditions. Please report it immediately to the post person and make an insurance claim on it. You’ll have to keep the damaged product and packaging for evidence, do not throw it away. All packages have an automatic amount of insurance that will cover the cost to reorder.

Thank you so much for your interest, we appreciate the thought. Unfortunately early on and being new to this business we had to put a policy in place, not to send out free samples to people asking to review our sauces. As you can imagine being a very small company, it would get very expensive for us to send samples to every person requesting samples to do reviews.

We’re very small, only my wife and 3 kids running this company. I wish we could afford to send samples to everyone that requested them but we can’t. Hope you get a chance to try them some time in the near future. We’re rapidly expanding our reach across Hawaii and the lower 48. Please click here to view our map of locations.

If you still feel you should receive samples for a review please email Tim here with your request, along with all points of contact. This would include your YouTube Channel, Instagram, Facebook Page, Website, Twitter, Email and Phone Number.


On the label of every bottle we use to have this note: Adoboloco sauce is produced in small batches and can vary in color and slight flavor depending on each local crop. We never use additives or coloring. This sauce is 100% naturally ONOlicious.

At the end of each growing season for certain peppers, especially Thai Chili Peppers they’re all picked together, some are red and some are green. This in turn makes the hot sauce the brownish color that some batches, depending on the time of year have. This can happen with all crops. We only make about 1000 bottles per batch. To put this into prospective, I’ve heard companies like Tabasco are doing 700,000 bottles a day.