Hawaiian hot-sauce family business ‘Adoboloco’ launches Kickstarter fund


Maui, Hawaii – Starting Jan. 7th 2013, Adoboloco the Hawaiian hand-crafted jalapeno hot sauce, will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for 30 days. While this family grown business has funded themselves every step of the way so far, the huge demand for this unique sauce will require specifically designed shipping boxes to carry the Hawaiian sauce to homes and stores nationwide.


About the Kickstarter for Adoboloco


The Adoboloco sauce sprung from an unexpected place – Tim Parson’s children, who are home-schooled in Maui, Hawaii. Inspiration flowed from a recipe for Adobo that Tim wanted to share with the world in the form of a sauce. While his initial attempts failed, his kid’s gardening studies led to growing jalapenos. Tim turned these jalapenos into a sauce, and the sauce became wildly popular among family and friends. “I started making larger and larger batches and couldn’t keep up with the requests,” says Tim. “At that point I knew it was time to go bigger.” And bigger he has gone – Adoboloco is running wild, and has been seen at Tasting Table, Uncrate, New York Mouth. Lovely Package, and Honolulu Magazine.


The family has hit an important milestone, and will begin a Kickstarter on January 7th of 2013 in order to fund their next big step – shipping. They have designed a very specific box for shipping the sauces – it’s 100% recyclable and compostable, with no plastics used. The funds will go toward custom dies, boxes printed and shipped in a large enough quantity to make it to Hawaii, while still being efficient and cost effective. Their goal is to expand to 250+ retail locations in the next 18 months.


The family is going out of it’s way to make their entire project environmentally healthy, as well as personally healthy. The sauces only have four ingredients, each natural: Apple Cider Vinegar, Chili Pepper (Jalapeno, Thai or Habanero and various others), Hawaiian Sea Salt and Garlic. “We don’t use any fillers or thickeners that detract from the flavor,” they explain. “We don’t use any sugars, sweeteners, oils or chemical preservatives. Our sauce naturally has a one year shelf life and is vegetarian, vegan and is gluten free.”


The goals for Adoboloco in the next 18 months include getting the 3 Bottle Retail and shipping box Produced, designing and producing shipping inserts for large shipping boxes, as well as expanding bottling capabilities. They also hope to attend the Fancy Food Show in the Summer 2013 with their addictive new sauces. All this can only be completed with the help of those funding the Kickstarter project.


For each donation to the Kickstarter at $15 or above, contributors will get a complimentary bottle of one of the Adoboloco sauces as well as other rewards and incentives such as t-shirts and stickers. To learn more about how the Adoboloco got started, visit www.adoboloco.com/talk-story.com.


To learn more about Adoboloco and their Kickstarter, please contact

Tim Parsons
[email protected]


Media Photo Packet

by Amy Josuweit
January 7, 2013



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