Farm Fresh Fried Egg Migas

Adoboloco Hamajang Migas

Very easy to make Migas (Spanish / Portuguese meaning crumbs) Almost always made with leftovers. I made mine with the list of ingredients below. Proportions are by sight and desire for more or less of something on a personal level. Leftover Crumbled Tortilla Chips Ancho Chili Pork Carnitas Achiote Sauteed Onions Two Sunny Side-up Eggs […]

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CONTEST: How do you Adoboloco?

Free artisan hot sauce from Hawaii? Who doesn’t want that? [bold_title]4 easy steps to win Adoboloco Hot Sauce[/bold_title] Show us how you want to Adoboloco in a pic, meme or video. Get as creative as you like while keeping it clean. Adoboloco is a small family business. Enter as many times as you wish. It […]

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Bartender or Mixologist?


James Shoemaker, Bartender at Dazoo in Paia Maui We recently had the privilege of running into Jimmy at the 4th Anniversary of Whole Foods Market being on Maui. We were both there demoing. A brief conversation turned into a few worthwhile trips out to Dazoo to meet up with Jimmy and really see what he’s […]

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Pineapple Vinegar?

Adoboloco Habanero Pineapple Vinegar 100% Hawaii Sourced Ingredients

We had a goal, create a 100% locally produced and ingredient sourced hot sauce. We’re excited to say that we’ve accomplished it. With a little creative thinking, a lot of work, and natures gift of fermentation, our pineapple vinegar was born. Maui is known for the wonderfully flavorful and plentiful pineapples. Fortunately we only live […]

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