Hot Sauce Spot Light: Jalapeno

Aloha Everyone!

This is the flavor that started it all. The school project that turned into what we are today. Now, all because its our mildest flavor doesn’t mean it can’t still kick you right in the… back. To this day Jalapeno is still one of our most popular flavors. One of the reasons why its so good is because of its simplicity to eat and enjoy. Most people will be able to use this sauce on their food (my younger sister uses it, so if she can I’m pretty sure you can).

Got a boring salad? Dress it up with Jalapeno. Got some eggs? instead of using salt why not try Jalapeno. Its my favorite breakfast sauce. A really good combo is a home made breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese and ham. With some Jalapeno Adoboloco it just takes it to another level. Even the great Spam Musubi is better with Jalapeno. I know that a lot of people like Macaroni and Cheese. You can even use Jalapeno for that (trust me, I’ve done it and its amazing). You can use this sauce on anything that you can think of. One time we tried fresh Pineapple and Mango with the Jalapeno sauce. It was surprisingly really good! The sweet fresh fruit with the spicy and a bit of tang from the vinegar makes a great summer treat.

Thank you so much for reading the blog. If you feel like expressing your opinions please leave them in the comments. If you feel like you want to try Jalapeno you can buy that here. Talk to you all soon.



Xander Parsons

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