Reasons why you’ll throw out your non-stick pans and become a Cast Iron Maiden.

If you follow us on Instagram you know we love to cook at home. Our number one choice when cooking is a Cast Iron pan or Dutch oven for searing large pieces of meat before roasting or going into a crock-pot.

Why would you want to use a Cast Iron pan/skillet vs a non-stick pan? Heat & Flavor! If used and cared for properly, your Cast Iron can become your best friend. WAIT FOR IT! It can also be non-stick once you get the technique down.

Early on, I learned this from my grandmother Helen. She cooked everything in her cast iron. She’s the OG Cast Iron Maiden.

#1 TIP: Making your cast iron non-stick!

  1. Before turning on your stove or heat source put your choice of oil, butter or lard in the Cast Iron skillet or pan (I prefer rendered Bacon fat).

  2. Slowly heat up your Cast Ironcast iron so that your oil/fat slowly melts and disperses into the Cast Iron. Move it around and coat the whole cooking surface.

  3. Bring it up to full temp

  4. Start cooking

It seems people always say they have a hard time cooking eggs. You can make the best eggs you’ve ever had in your Cast Iron skillet. This includes fried eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes and even a quiche if you prefer. The best way to cook an egg in cast iron is to keep your heat on a medium-low heat. By following the steps in TIP #1 your eggs will come out perfect.

Andouille, Jalapeño Chico, Onion and Shoyu fried rice! – French Creole Southern meets da kine Hawaiian Melting Pot!

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#2 TIP: Keeping your Cast Iron non-stick!

  1. Don’t wash it with soap and water. THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID DON’T WASH YOUR Cast Iron! When you wash it you start to strip off the perfect cooking membrane. Cast Iron is porous and will take on the flavors of the soap. You don’t want that.

  2. When you’re done cooking, if you followed #1, virtually nothing will be left in your pan. Let it cool and then wipe it out with a paper towel.

  3. Be careful on this step! If there is some food residue stuck on the bottom or edges of your Cast Iron, deglaze the pan with some fresh room temp water. Keeping the pan hot, turn off the heat and immediately fill a container with enough water to cover the bottom of your pan completely. Then pour the water in to fill the bottom quickly. Consequently it will bubble and boil for a few seconds and let off a lot of steam. But the end result is that everything will come off your Cast Iron. Let if cool for a bit, dump the water in the sink and while your Cast Iron is still warm, wipe if clean with a paper towel.

Interested in any other home cooking techniques? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll write those home cooking techniques into a future blog post.




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