Giving is always better than receiving

ADOBOLOCO has grown over the last 1.5 years, much to the support of our community. We wanted to show our appreciation to all of you. How?

Our family put our heads together to come up with a way to thank our customers. Since this business was born on the basis of our children’s education, we knew we needed to come up with something we could incorporate learning. We have always taught our children from the earliest age that giving is better then receiving and to appreciate everything you have. So what better way to sound that down into them then a Free Day? Everyone was on-board and excited to take part.


We decided we would have this Free Day at the Maui swap meet since this is where we first started to sell Adoboloco and many of our loyal customers visit weekly. We chose the date (May 25th 2013) and prepared for our free day. The whole family took part in this Free Day so we could all show our appreciation to our customers and feel the joy of giving. We knew it would be fun, we were thrilled with the impact it made on our kids. They loved every minute of the day and felt the true joy that giving brings. The smiles on all the faces made us laugh and smile all day long.


The interaction the kids received from all of this was truly an educational experience. The lesson that giving is always better than receiving, made the impact we knew it would. All 3 of our kids said, “we need to do this again”. So we decided, we’ll have an “Annual Adoboloco Free Day”, every year.

There really is nothing better than working and playing together as a family. We appreciate and are truly thankful for this time and opportunity we have had to work together to make this possible. We thank everyone for their continued support.

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