Adoboloco hot sauce flavor line up


Review by Hot J
Dessert Island Status
This is the best sauce in the world. The only reason I buy others is so I don’t get tired of it. The smoke flavor is perfectly subtle such that you notice it when you want to and don’t when you don’t. Unlike some other sauces that murder your palette with smoky overkill. It’s also chock full of natural umami from the fermentation process, laying waste to those who achieve umami with complex witches’ brews of random crap. And incidentally the heat level is my personal ideal. 5,000,000 stars. Get it


Review by Marcella
This sauce is incredible.
The flavor profile is amazing! It’s not super spicy, which is fine with me because I tend to like mild-medium heat sauces. You can taste the pineapple, which makes this a perfect pair if you are team pineapple with pizza. I put it on sandwiches. You can even throw it on rice. It’s become my go to sauce, and will always have it stocked at the house. Highly recommend!


Review by Mike J
All around great sauce packed with flavor
Very flavorful sauce that hits the right spots on your mouth. It’s great for when you don’t want heat, but want a sauce packed with flavor. I have tried it from a spoon, on scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, chicken, as a salad dressing, and each time it’s been great. I especially like the sweetness since it tingles in your mouth, but isn’t a fake or surgary sweetness. To me, it tastes all natural. I’ll be keeping a bottle of this one around.


Review by Kate R
Love this sauce! 10 steps up from Tabasco in my opinion.
Adds a good spice kick to any meal (eggs, sandwiches, etc. ) The flavor is mild fruity with vinegar base & it compliments so many food types. On the liquify side since it’s vinegar base but the bottle comes with the “dripper” cap which is very appreciated!


Review by Aaron B
Another great Adoboloco sauce
This is an amazing sauce. It’s got the right amount of bite to offset the sweetness and like hamajang sauce, just a little is enough to add a ton of flavor and heat. It’s great on just about everything, but a really like this one one burgers and stir fry. I just wish it came in a larger bottle. You really can’t go wrong with any of Adobolocos sauce.


Review by Hilal S
I have never gone through a bottle of hot sauce this quick!
I found the found the heat to be quite subtle, but there’s certainly a little kick. The flavor is surprisingly versatile for a sauce that’s on the sweet side, tastes especially great on nuggets (chicken or vegan) and pizza! I bought this for the novelty and ended up with one of my favorite condiments. 100/10


Review by Sanjuro
My go to hot sauce
I’ve been on a kick trying hotter and hotter hot sauces this year and this one has become my go to sauce. It can get pretty hot if you add alot but even a few drops brings up the spice in a meal that is hotter than most average sauces. If you like trying different hot sauces, I would try this one next.


Review by Paul
Adoboloco Jalapeno Mild is great.
While I enjoy everything I’ve tried so far from Adoboloco, the Jalapeno Mild sauce was the first. It’s not hot, but it has very good flavor and I use it in tacos, on quesadillas, in scrambled eggs, on hash browns, and more. Not only is it far better than my previous go-to sauce (Tabasco’s Green Jalapeno, which I don’t buy anymore), I would much rather support a small family business. I will be buying more.


Review by Brian T
Order eat repeat!
This hot sauce won me over on day one and its the only sauce I order every time. Its versatile with the perfect heat, smoke and flavor combinations. Before Hot Ones (the old days) the hotter the sauce the worse it tasted. This sauce was the game changer. Order and enjoy!


Review by Alex S

Like Chalize Theron said in her hot wings interview, “I like a sauce with _flavor_. I’m good with it being hot, but it has to taste good too.”

I agree! This sauce is another in the awesome flavor category (like the Garlic N Peperoncini). Tangy with punch it has a sweeter start than other sauces (from the pineapple), but it’s not too sweet. It smooths out with a nice kick at the end. Instead of dominating the food, It enhances anything you add it to. I’ve drizzled it onto eggs and chicken, really happy with the results and on a lark, mixed it with mayo and put it on a BLT. OMG was that a yummy sandwich! I’ve also just dipped the bacon right into it, liking the changes it made to its flavor and know it’ll work well with any kind of pork. I’ve also added it into deviled eggs with great results…well, everyone was raving about them, but it was a party, so who knows. Next up is adding it to salad, but I used up the bottle and I’m waiting on a resupply.

5 stars. Awesome sauce.

Adoboloco Maui Hawaii Born and Raised Logo

Modern Hawaiian inspired condiments for adventurous eaters!™

Maui born and raised. Adoboloco was originally created in Maui, Hawaii. On Maui we started a homeschool garden project with our 3 children. We already loved all things gardening. I grew up on Maui growing some our own food learning from our parents. My brother and I used to sell excess produce to the original Down to Earth in Wailuku Maui back then. We wanted to preserve the fresh produce grown including the chili peppers. That’s how our original hot sauce, Adoboloco Jalapeño was born.

Around 2015 we moved our Maui hot sauce production to Oahu, Hawaii. To this day Adoboloco continues to hand craft our products in Oahu, Hawaii. We use fresh ingredients from Maui, Oahu and the other Hawaiian Islands when available.

Maui Roots® was born on Maui, Hawaii in 2020. Maui Roots brand uses locally grown produce and is crafted in small batches on Maui.

In the second quarter of 2021 our West Coast Adoboloco production facility will be operational in Bend, Oregon. We’ve been working on this facility for 3 years. And slowly building it out with sweat equity, help from family and friends. It’s been a hard long road, but we’re close. Stay tuned for some exciting new handcrafted small batch flavors, brands and super tasty preserved foods.




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