A couple days ago our friends over at Heatonist.com forwarded us an email from one of their customers, the subject read: Fiya Fiya Induced Labor

Yep… I had the same reaction you’re probably having right now when I first saw the subject pop up in my email. The following is word for word from the emails, except names have been altered to protect the happy family ;)

After warning my very pregnant friend that this FIYA! FIYA! Hot sauce was very hot and would cause her to go into labor, she proceeded to pour a lot onto her food. Within 8 hours she went into labor. She only pushed for 40 seconds before the baby was born, a week before the doctors said she would be born. 10/10 do recommend this hot sauce. Very tasty and extremely effective for childbirth.


A few months back you received an email from my friend telling you guys the story about how your “fiya fiya” hot sauce sent me into labor!!

That amazing and crazy day happened almost a year ago! My baby girl is about to turn one (2/6)! And in light of your hot sauce and the big role it played that day, we are throwing my spicy baby a hot sauce themed party (don’t worry, she loves everything spicy)!

I’ve searched your page for stickers or even merchandise of any kind (we already have your hot sauces), but couldn’t find anything! I was wondering if I missed something? Or if you guys made stickers that I could buy!!

Thank you for reading and for making a hot sauce hot enough to send me into labor!


T & N

Yes we absolutely joined in and sent some stickers along with a few other goodies. Wow what a story. This has made my month/year ;)

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