All-In Flavor: ADOBOLOCO’s Black Jack Revelation-Hardwood Cold Smoked Jalapeños Ignite Hot Ones!

It’s ADOBOLOCO’s Black Jack year on Hot Ones! Adoboloco hit 21, a winning hand. With 5 cards down on season 21 it’s guaranteed to be one of the most entertaining seasons yet. What has ADOBOLOCO brought to the table?

Jalapeño Chico is the name of their next challenger. Jalapeño’s? This is going to be tame! That would be further from the truth! When it comes to flavor and heat, ADOBOLOCO never rests on its laurels! Much work has been put into this project, giving guests a challenge handling the sauce but at the same time, having an enjoyable experience. Flavor always comes first, ADOBOLOCO lives by that rule. Sean Evans himself has dubbed ADOBOLOCO, “hot sauce royalty!” High praise indeed!

Crafted with a blend of hardwood cold smoked Jalapeños, Scorpion Peppers and Smoked Paprika, this sauce compounds into a savory rich fire roasted fusion. The heat comes on steady and builds. Beware of the afterburn! Don’t worry, no matter what, the delicious combination of flavors is top priority. From tacos to pulled pork, nachos to breakfast sandwiches, burritos to pizza, the possibilities are endless. Season 21 of Hot Ones, is drool worthy and will whet any appetite!

The extremely popular YouTube show has captivated quite the audience ranging from; food enthusiasts, music junkies, and movie fans alike. First We Feast and lovable host, Sean Evans has gathered 12.3 Million subscribers, a testament to how fans love Hot Ones. And what’s not to love? Celebrities getting interviewed while eating hot wings with a variety of sauces is so entertaining! Previous top tier guests have included; Post Malone, Gordon Ramsey, Tom Holland and Paul Rudd, just to name a few.

ADOBOLOCO sauces have been featured on seasons 5, 8, 10, 18 and most recently, 21. ADOBOLOCO has collaborated with Heatonist to make some special flavors for Hot Ones like Hawaiian inspired Island Wings sauce and their hottest flavor to date: FIYA!FIYA!.

ADOBOLOCO Jalapeño Chico now available at:ño-chico


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