Different Look, Same Famous Flavor: ADOBOLOCO Offers Private Labeling!

ADOBOLOCO now offers private labeling from their Bend, Oregon manufacturing facility. One of our most recent projects was Trejo’s Tacos new hot sauce. That partnership was a smash hit! It sold out quickly and got amazing reviews. It’s become a production hot sauce for the Trejo’s Tacos brand. This is why people who are looking to create new products that align with their brand can turn to us! We’ll make it happen. With our collaborative formulation and recipe development skills we can customize a flavor to each brand!


Private labeling or white labeling is a method used to introduce new products into a brand or label. A good example of this is a lot of the products at Trader Joe’s, they’re made privately by other companies, but you’d never know, since they’re privately labeled. Imagine a retail business trying to add more products, it can be time consuming and expensive to create new flavors or styles. This is why hiring someone else to do those things is a smart strategy. This will help a business branch out by adding more revenue streams. Think of someone on a social media account offering a new line to their fan base. The beauty of this process is receiving a product that has already been perfected and tested in retail. Basically, it takes something that is already great and adds someone’s likeness and branding. All they have to do is sell that great product as their own! Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? That’s because it is! We create constantly delicious products with your branding on it by working with Adoboloco!

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