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MYNAHS BRAH! is a smooth flavorful blend of roasted Jalapeño, sweet chili pods cultivated specifically for flavor with little to no heat, honey, fresh garlic and sea salt. We’ve made the really hot stuff, now it’s time for some sauce just about anyone can handle.

In Hawaiian Pidgin “MYNAHS BRAH!” is a playful mix on the word MINOR or no big deal and blended with the name of the Myna bird, introduced to Hawaii in 1865.

MYNAHS BRAH! HOT OR NOT! Choose your own spice adventure with MYNAHS BRAH! in combination with one our super hot pepper sauces. Add a few drops or more of FIYA! FIYA!, HAMAJANG or MAUI NO KA OI to get your preferred perfect heat and flavor balance.


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1 review for MYNAHS BRAH!

  1. David (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure about this sauce when I first tried it. I just put a little bit on a spoon to taste it. I tasted sweetness and I am not big into sweet. But then I put it on some tacos and, wow, it is great! This sauce really is for anyone – it has zero heat and lots of flavor.

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