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You’re here: HOT HONEY SAUCE

Hamajang smoked ghost pepper hot sauce is one of our most popular flavors of hot sauce. Please take a look at the reviews about our Hamajang smoked ghost pepper hot sauce. The flavor is unique and tastes amazing. Don’t take our word for it, see what others are saying about it here.

Serving Suggestions for Hot Honey Sauce:

  • PIZZA – Slather Hot Honey sauce on every bite.
  • TACOS – Tacos everyday! What taco doesn’t work with Hamajang smoked ghost pepper hot sauce? I challenge you to find one.
  • EGGS – Oh yes on eggs! It’s so good on fried eggs, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, even on scrambled eggs. Even if you’re not a fan of eggs, you will be after you try Hamajang smoked ghost pepper hot sauce on some eggs.
  • BURRITOS – No matter what type of burrito you enjoy be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner burrito. Hamajang goes perfect with sausage, bacon, potato, eggs and a mix of sauteed vegetables like onions, mushrooms and peppers. Or a burrito like a kitchen sink, lengua, carne asada, pollo asada or a vegetarian burrito. Hamajang smoked ghost pepper hot sauce sets it off and takes the flavor over the top.
  • STEAK – If you’re into grilling/searing steak to that perfect medium rare. Once the steak has rested and is ready to slice, drizzle Hamajang smoked ghost pepper hot sauce all over it, slice and serve. It truly will taste
  • ANYTHING – From one of our customers, “This hot sauce has a great smoky flavor, and a lasting heat. Great on anything!!!!!”


Tim Kiawe Smoking the Ghost Peppers

Ingredients: Raw Hawaiian Honey // Apple Cider Vinegar // Ghost Peppers + Habanero // Sea Salt // Garlic
Serving Suggestions: This sauce is good on almost anything but especially on Mexican, Spanish and South American dishes.



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