MauiTime 2014 Food Issue


Mahalo MauiTime for featuring us on the cover of the 2014 Food Issue. It was a privilege working with Sean Hower, Photographer and Darris Hurst, Art Director for this issue.


Everyone has a food story. We all have some item or entree or ingredient that we’re passionate about eating. One of the first things I always ask people is what they love to eat and where they get it. Our island may be a small speck in the Pacific, but our food is epic. People travel thousands of miles for Maui’s dining, and we residents are lucky to get to explore it year-round.

For this yea’s annual food issue, we’re exploring what Maui chefs, farmers and restauranteurs are eating when they are not working on bringing you the island’s best edibles. We asked them to describe a dish they wish they had thought of, something they wish they made, and where you can find it [as well as brag about some of their own accomplishments]. Some of their answers may surprise, but they certainly won’t leave you disappointed.

Compiled by Jen Russo


Excerpt from page 19:
Tim Parsons
Adoboloco Sauces, Owner

The pork and beans by Chef Jojo Vasquez at the Plantation House is one dish I wish I made. It’s sweet glaze Pork Belly Adobo over fresh beans. Need I say more? So good. Then there’s the saba nigiri by Chef Hiro at Koiso. I grew up eating akule, which is in the the same family, and still love it. But the way that he prepares saba is pure perfection.

Trying to figure out my most popular Adobloco sauce is harder than you think. It really comes down to personal preference so they all sell pretty evenly. When someone latches on to a flavor they really go back to the same flavor quite often. our Hawaiian, Pineapple and Hamajang sauces sell out. But we also make less of these flavors due to a lack of available ingredients. We love making all of our sauces and playing with new flavors. We gather all of our fresh ingredients, mix, cook and immediately bottle. Once the bottles have cooled down, we label them and pack the cases ready for delivery.

I am truly passionate about adobo…. I love ! Chicken adobo is my absolute favorite. There are so many variations to this dish. You can use chicken, pork, tofu, squid, coconut and the list goes on. You can make it wet or more dry.


Our sauces are really inspired by adobo-it’s that vinegary tang that brings ou the flavors of all those ingredients. My mother taught me how to cook adobo when I was 12, so that I could cook it without having to ask here to make it all the time. Adobo is comfort food, and now I get to make it for my kids and they’re requesting it all the time. That’s what makes it so enjoyable.

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