Maui Taro Flour Gluten Free Crust

// Maui Venison // Maui Basil // Slathered with Adoboloco Hawaiian Hot Sauce // Recipe for the crust will be add to the blog soon // Flavor and texture turned out way better than a whole wheat crust.

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    • Tim

      Aloha Emily,

      Basically here are the steps that I took to make it.

      • Steam Taro
      • Peel Taro
      • Using a cheese grater, grated it all
      • Placed it all on a cookie sheet
      • At a very low temp. in my brick oven dehydrated it (In a conventional oven, the temp just needs to be very low not to cook it but dehydrate it)
      • Next day when it was all very dry, crumbled it and ground it to a fine powder in my food processor

      To Make the Dough:
      Put the finely ground taro in a bowl, added a bit of sea salt, butter and water to the same consistency of flour dough for bread. Kneaded it till it was smooth, covered it and let sit over night. Basically that is it… then rolled it out thin for pizza crust, added our toppings and cooked till crispy in our brick oven for about 2min. In a conventional oven it would probably take about 15-20min.

      Sorry I don’t have exact measurements… I made it as I went along. I do have to say it tastes better than any store bought gluten free dough or crust.


      Tim & Family

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