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DIY Filing Cabinet Honey Bee Hive

Homeschool DIY Project:

Upcycled 1971 Steelcase Filing Cabinet converted into a Wild HoneyBee Hive // Proud of you son… Great job and can’t wait to meet your new tenants when they move in // The lost Art of Industrial Arts in schools

We found a swarm today and transferred them into the hive 03/02/15

4 Replies to “DIY Filing Cabinet Honey Bee Hive”

  1. Melanie Spozio says:

    Did you try rubbingor spraying it down with some kind of organic oil to keep it from sticking?

    1. Tim Parsons says:

      We did, but we were told the wax build up would be pretty thick. We didn’t want to damage the hive once the establish.

  2. Caleb says:

    Did this work

    1. Tim says:

      It did… but you’ll need to figure out a way to open for harvesting if they’ve sealed off the drawers. We ended up transferring the hive to a standard box system. This way we didn’t disturb the bees as much during harvest.

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