Not only does this Adobo Pusit look great it sounds like it’ll taste great. A very simple and somewhat uninvolved Adobo recipe. The only thing to truly remember about this squid adobo is not to over cook it.

Important Note: One very important aspect we need to remember when cooking squid is that its never good to over cook them.  It gives a tough and rubbery like texture.  So for this adobo recipe this is a guaranteed express and yet specially good.


1 kilo of squid

*it is preferable to use smaller squids for this recipe

* clean your squid by washing them in a running water.  Pull gently the plastic like thing (which is actually the bone of a squid) including the tiny pouch carrying the ink (its defense mechanism).  Clean them and pat them dry with a paper towel

5 cloves of garlic minced

2 shallots chopped (sibuyas tagalog)

3 tablespoons of cane vinegar (or you can use any type of vinegar available)

1 teaspoon of pepper

some salt

fresh chinese parsley ( Cilantro ) or kintsay chopped

some cooking oil


Start by preparing your marinate.  Mix the minced garlic with salt, vinegar and pepper.  Let your squid sit in this marinade for a minimum of thirty minutes.  Then heat your pan, pour your cooking oil, put your shallots and squid.  Cook them as you are stir-frying them.  Hot pan, mediumfire and constant mixing.  If you use small squids in about five minutes they are already cooked but if you use bigger size seven minutes would be the maximum you can let on your pan.  Cut the fire and sprinkle it with your chopped chinese parsley.


Adobo Pusit Recipe

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