Ingredients and usage suggestions can be found below. If you have a minute please fill out our very short survey about your sample. These samples will eventually make it into production as an actual Adoboloco product depending on your valuable feedback.

Mahalo & Enjoy

[title_subtitle title=”SAMPLE PAIRING & INGREDIENTS” subtitle=”These are only basic suggestions, let your creativity run wild!” subtitle_size=”20″]
[title_subtitle title=”Whole Smoked Habanero (Hot)” subtitle=”Ingredients: Habanero Pepper /// Serving Suggestion: Ramen, Pho, Soups, Chili, Crushed and put on Pizza” subtitle_size=”20″][title_subtitle title=”Whole Smoked Ghost Pepper (Very Hot)” title_color=”#d50909″ subtitle=”Ingredients: Ghost Pepper /// Serving Suggestion: Ramen, Pho, Soups, Chili, Crushed and put on Pizza or mixed into Pizza/Marinara Sauce” subtitle_color=”#d50909″ subtitle_size=”20″][title_subtitle title=”Mixed Smoked Chili Flakes (Very Hot) -” subtitle=”Ingredients: Mixed Chili Peppers /// Serving Suggestion: Ramen, Pho, Mixed in mayo or mustard for sandwiches, Soups, Chili, Sprinkled on Pizza, Pizza or Marinara Sauce” subtitle_size=”20″]
[title_subtitle title=”Smoked Sea Salt (No Heat)” title_color=”#d50909″ subtitle=”Ingredients: Sea Salt /// Serving Suggestion: Anywhere you use salt with added natural smooth smokiness. Steaks, Burgers, Eggs, Added Depth for BBQ etc.” subtitle_color=”#d50909″ subtitle_size=”20″][title_subtitle title=”Smoked Chili Salt (Hot)” subtitle=”Ingredients: Sea Salt, Chili Pepper, Yeast Extract & Natural Flavors /// Serving Suggestion: Same as above but with a kick” subtitle_size=”20″][title_subtitle title=”All Purpose Seasoning (Mild)” title_color=”#d50909″ subtitle=”Ingredients: Granulated Garlic, Onion Powder, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Yeast Extract & Natural Flavors, Chili Pepper, Oregano /// Serving Suggestion: Exactly what it says, for anything savory this is a true all purpose seasoning. It will add a punch of flavor like no other.” subtitle_color=”#d50909″ subtitle_size=”20″]