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The Adoboloco® hot sauce gift set is the perfect way to get a taste of 3 of our different hot sauces. Our original Adoboloco Jalapeno is mild, Pineapple is sweet hot, Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water is a local favorite, Hamajang, Smoked Ghost Pepper sauce is exceptional for a spicy Poke Bowl, on hearty meals, grilled/bbq meats, EGGS, vegetables, beef or lengua tacos and burritos and pretty much anything else you want to add serious flavor and kick to. Our Maui No Ka Oi hot sauce is made with pure Trinidad Moruga Scorpions with exceptional flavor and heat.

This gift pack includes three (3) 05 FL OZ 148 mL bottles. – These hot sauces are: Sugar Free, No Added Sugar, Oil Free (Besides natural chili oil from the peppers), Xanthan Gum Free, Gluten Free, Preservative Free, Soy Free

HEAT LEVELS: FIYA! FIYA! – Extremely Hot – Hot Ones Season 10 | Hamajang – Very Hot – Hot Ones Season 5 | KOLOHEKID – MED-HOT – Hot Ones Season 8 | Maui No Ka Oi – Very Hot | PINEAPPLE – MED. | HAWAIIAN – MED-HOT | JALAPENO – MILD/UMAMI | MYNAHS BRAH! – VERY MILD



MYNAHS BRAH! // VERY MILD // MYNAHS BRAH! is a smooth flavorful blend of roasted Jalapeño, sweet chili pods cultivated specifically for flavor with little to no heat, honey, fresh garlic and sea salt. We’ve made the really hot stuff, now it’s time for some sauce just about anyone can handle.

JALAPENO // MILD // We consider to be a flavor enhancer (umami). It can be used when sauteing, as a salad dressing, dip, condiment and so much more.

MARIONBERRY SPLASH! // MED // Oregon Marionberries are unique and amazing, they’re bursting with flavor and we feature it upfront in this sauce. Try it with: Charcuterie, Steak, Panini, Pizza, Hot/Cold Deli Sandwiches, Cocktails, Wings, Grilled Chicken, Fish Tacos, Wraps, Burgers, Pork Chops, Ribs and so much more.

PINEAPPLE  // MED // Sweet Pineapple with a smooth Habanero heat. The sweet tang of the pineapple works well with everything from a smoked pulled pork sliders, simple tuna salad sandwich, to a 5 star meal of fresh grilled fish or pizza night. This sauce is dangerously addictive.

TACO!TACOH! // MED & HOT // HINT OF SMOKE & JALAPENO TACO SAUCE // Craveable? Yes, TACO!TACOH! goes amazingly well with tacos, breakfast sandwiches, eggs, avocado toast, Bloody Marys, pizza, nachos, burritos, taco rice, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, migas, oyster shooters and so much more. Try it once, you’ll be craving more.

HAWAIIAN  // MED-HOT // The Hawaiian Chili pepper has been in Hawaii for over 100 years. It was originally introduced to Hawaii by the Portuguese immigrants moving here to work in the cane fields. This little pepper packs a punch with flavor and heat. It’s had a huge impact on Hawaii’s wonderful melting pot of culinary treats. You can find it growing wild almost anywhere. People use it when preparing so many different local dishes.

KoloheKid // HOT // (Hot Ones – Season 8) KOLOHE (CO-LOW-HEY) What all my local aunties used to call me when I was growing up. It’s a Hawaiian word that means naughty; mischievous or rascal. Yes I was all of the above…. Sorry Mom and Dad ;) Now you get the idea behind the name? This sauce could get you in trouble if you hangout with it for too long.

HAMAJANG // VERY HOT // (Hot Ones – Season 5) In Pidgin English means “messed up”. The sauce is Kiawe (relative to Mesquite) fresh smoked Bhut Jolokia ( Ghost Peppers ) and fresh smoked Habanero. So you’re asking what’s messed up about it? It’s not the sauce that’s messed up but it could mess you up if you decide to eat too much of it at once, it’s HOT!

MAUI NO KA OI // VERY SEASONAL // SUPER HOT // It’s like a hot candy in a bottle with no sugar added. It has a slightly sweet flavor with a hint of watermelon like flavors. Put it on just about anything. We love it on eggs, mac salad, grilled chicken, fried rice, noodles like Pancit, Saimin, Ramen, Chow Fun and it even works great to spice up your spaghetti.

FIYA!FIYA! // Extremely HOT // Featured on Hot Ones Season 10

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The Hot Sauce Gift Box Set Build Your Own 3 Pack option is the perfect gift. With this hot sauce gift set you have the ability to try multiple flavors at the same time. You’ll also save a bit on the cost of the hot sauce gift pack since we sell it at a packaged price.

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