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ADOBOLOCO HAWAIIAN BARBEQUE is ready to serve and easy to use. Just point and shoot! It’s so ‘ONO “delicious” your friends and family (Ohana) will crave it, asking you to cook with it again and again. Put it on Salad, Beef, Pork, Chicken or Fish! It goes on anything! Once you use it, you won’t be able to stop. Get ready for your new favorite everyday sauce.


Why does HAWAIIAN BARBEQUE! taste so ONO? The short answer is, because its Hawaiian Barbeque, ever tasted it? No? Then what are you doing?! You need to get yourself some! The longer answer is we only use the best ingredients such as Hawaiian Poi, Gluten Free Non-Gmo Tamari, Sweet Onion, Rice Vinegar, Garlic, Organic Mirin, Sesame Oil and Pineapple. This sauce is hand crafted to bring your food to the next level! But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself. You won’t regret it.


Everyone loves really good Hawaiian BBQ? Now you can make it at home in minutes like a pro with Adoboloco PAU! HANA! BBQ!
Pau Hana means “finished with work”. So when we developed this Hawaiian Barbecue sauce we wanted to make it so easy to use and cut down on your valuable prep times when it comes to meals at home, at the beach or work.

With any protein, you can put it in a bag, pour the sauce in, mix it around making sure all surfaces are covered. That’s it. When you’re ready to cook, take it out grill it, sear it, or fry it in a pan or cook it over a charcoal or wood fire for amazing flavor.


Kalbi Ribs:
• I prefer my ribs to be about 3/4″ thick. You can ask the store butcher to cut them to order. Or if you

Hawaiian Sticky Baby Back Ribs

  • Marinate your racks in PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! for 8-24 hours
  • We prefer to hang them in the smoker at 225ºF until fully cooked, basting every hour.
  • You can also grill on a propane grill or another preferred method is on a live mesquite charcoal fire.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich:
• Marinate your favorite cut of (I prefer thighs) chicken in PAU!HANA!BBQ for up 24 hours in advance.
• Grill on high heat both sides until almost fully cook, getting a bit of char on their. If you can grill, put it in a pan with the excess PAU! HANA! BBQ!

Teri Beef Sandwich:

Salmon Dinner:

Chicken Dinner:


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Pre-make, Daikon Quick Pickles (At least 1 hour in advance):
  • 1/2 average size Japanese Daikon White Radish
  • Rice Vinegar
  • White Sugar
  • Salt
Slowly add/dissolve sugar INto your rice vinegar until it’s slightly sweet. Add a very small amount of salt to taste. Cut Daikon into 1/8″ square strips about 4-6″ long. Submerge all of the cut Daikon in your bowl with the vinegar solution. Drain right before serving.
  • 1 19.5 WT OZ Bottle PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ!
  • 1 Bottle Adoboloco Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce
  • 8 Brioche Buns (Or substitute with your favorite type of bun)
  • 1 lb Ground Pork
  • 1 lb Ground Beef 80/20
  • 1 Cup Chopped Green Onions
  • Mayonaise
  • Fresh sliced tomatoes
  • Sliced sweet onion


In a large enough bowl add your ground pork, beef, green onion and half the jar of PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! Mix thoroughly by hand until you have an even mix. Divide the mix into 8 even portions, roll into balls and set aside.
Preheat your frying pan to medium.
Depending on your frying pan or skillet size, put 1 or more meat balls in, smash to desired thickness and fry until crispy, flip and fry the other side until fully cooked.
Pour the other half of the jar of PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! in a shallow casserole dish or pan. As you finish cooking each burger, place them in the sauce. If it’ll be awhile before eating, cover with foil and keep warm in the oven at 170ºF
Toast your buns and assemble in the order shown in the video above.

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“Do you have any more of that PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! sauce? I can’t live without it!

We marinate all our meat with it, then grill it on the BBQ . Haven’t found a meat that’s not good with PAU! HANA! BBQ! on it. Ang even pan fries salmon on the stove with it. Throw salmon in a pan and smother PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! all over it. Next I want to cook ground beef with it and make beef tacos.”

~ R. Reil


  1. Marinate your cleaned and filleted fish in PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! for 1-8 hours depending on the thickness of your fillets
  2. Remove from the marinade
  3. Air dry on in a cool protected place until the fish feels dry to the touch
  4. Either hang or rack your fish in your smoker
  5. Keep your temp way down below 75ºF unless you want to hot smoke your fish until fully cooked. This is personal preference, I prefer cold smoked fish vs hot smoked.

Some of my favorite fish to smoke from Hawaii are AKU “Skip Jack Tuna”, Ahi, A’U “Blue Marlin” and Papio (<10#)/Ulua “Giant Jack Trevally“. Some of my favorite fish to smoke from the Pacific Northwest are Wild Copper River Salmon, Wild Steehead, Wild Rainbow Trout and Kokanee “Landlocked Sockeye Salmon”.


  • To thicken the sauce, heat it up in a sauce pan and put a bit of cornstarch slurry into it and reduce till desired thickness. It happens quick so keep an eye on it constantly stirring.

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  • Put thawed chicken in a pot (thighs are the best)
  • Pour PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! sauce to cover chicken
  • Bring to a boil
  • Cover and turn to low for 40 minutes
  • Serve hot with brown or white rice and salad


  • Marinate thawed chicken in PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! sauce for 1 hour minimum and up to 24 hours
  • Grill on high, flipping only once, a bit of char on each side is good. Baste with more PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! after the first flip
  • Once fully cooked, remove from the heat, let rest for a few minutes, slice and serve over your preferred salad or salad mix
  • Dress with your favorite vinaigrette or mix Mayonnaise and PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! 50/50 to make a simple creamy dressing



Cook time – 4-6hrs

  1. Put thawed and drained chicken thighs in the Crock-Pot
  2. Pour PAU! HANA! BBQ! Sauce in almost up to the top of the chicken
  3. Turn Crock-Pot on medium temp
  4. After 2-3 hours turn chicken over, turn temp to low
  5. Cook for another 2-3 hours
  6. Drain some of the sauce, transfer to the serving dish and garnish with fresh sliced green onions
  7. Serve hot


  • We designed PAU! HANA! HAWAIIAN BBQ! to marry especially well with our Hamajang Smoke Ghost Pepper Sauce. Add a little or a lot, it’ll get hot :)

Teri Beef Sandwich

Teri Beef Plate Lunch

Teri Beef Rolls

Teri Beef Meat Jun

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Hawaiian Barbecue, what is it?

Hawaiian Barbecue is a mix of locally influenced foods in Hawaii. Usually cooked over a grill or Hibachi with coals or a live fire burning Kiawe wood. It isn’t what most people from the mainland would consider Barbecue or the standard mass produced Barbecue flavor, mostly based on Hickory. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good mainland Barbecue. But being born and raised in Hawaii with all the different cultures and foods intermingling, Hawaiian Barbecue is so satisfying and delicious. The process is just so different and the blend of flavors will take you on journey around the world all while enjoying a single dish.

Hawaiian Barbecue, is it Hawaiian?

Hawaiian Barbecue is not actually Hawaiian. It has some influences from many different cultures. It’s distinct to Hawaii but not Native Hawaiian. During the plantation boom of the 1850’s Hawaii saw an influx of cultures. People from around the world traveled to the islands along with Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Puerto Rican immigrants. This created a blend of styles, speech, and flavors. All of this culminated into the melting pot of food still found in Hawaii today.  Hawaiian food is amazing and includes 21 plants called the Canoe Plants. They were brought by the original ancient Hawaiians. These plants are:

`Ape – (elephant’s ear), `Awa – (kava), `Awapuhi Kuahiwi – (shampoo ginger), Hau, Ipu – (gourd), Kalo – (taro), Kamani – (Alexandrian laurel), Ki – (ti), Ko – (sugar cane), Kou, Kukui – (candlenut), Mai`a – (banana), Milo – (portia tree), Niu – (coconut), Noni – (Indian mulberry), `Ohe – (bamboo), `Ohi`a `Ai – (mountain apple), `Olena – (turmeric), Pia – (Polynesian arrowroot), `Uala – (sweet potato), Uhi – (yam), `Ulu – (breadfruit), Wauke – (paper mulberry)




Kalo (Taro Root), Ulu (Bread Fruit), Fresh Fish, Poke (Real Poke, not Poke Bowls like you see all over the mainland), Coconut,

Adoboloco Born on Maui, Enjoyed Everywhere!Adoboloco Born on Maui, Enjoyed Everywhere!SaveAdoboloco Born on Maui, Enjoyed Everywhere!