Hot Sauce Gift Box Set | Build Your Own 3 Pack


build your own adoboloco maui hawaii hotsauce gift pack or 3 pack

Hot Sauce Gift Box Set | Build Your Own 3 Pack


The Adoboloco® Custom Gift Pack is the perfect way to get a taste of 3 of our different hot sauces. Our original Adoboloco Jalapeno is mild, Bangkok sauce is a little over medium, Pineapple is hot, Habanero is hot, *Hawaiian is hot and our very hot Hamajang, smoked Ghost Pepper sauce. This gift pack includes three (3) 05 FL OZ 148 mL bottles.

*Hawaiian is not included at this time, due to the very limited supply.

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JALAPENO // We consider this sauce to be a flavor enhancer (umami). All of our sauces can be used when sauteing, as a salad dressing, dip, condiment and so much more.

BANGKOK // A yummy natural lime flavor occurs in the Thai Peppers. Delicious slathered on everything including a simple turkey sandwich.

PINEAPPLE // Fresh Sweet Hawaiian Pineapple with a smooth Habanero heat. The sweet tang of the pineapple works well with everything from a smoked pulled pork sliders, simple tuna salad sandwich, to a 5 star meal of fresh grilled fish or pizza night. This sauce is dangerously addictive.

HABANERO // Has a very unique flavor pulling the fruity, almost Lilikoi (passion fruit) like flavors from the peppers. So ONO on poké, sashimi, or your favorite fish tacos or seafood.

*HAWAIIAN // This little pepper packs a punch with flavor and heat. It’s had a huge impact on Hawaii’s wonderful melting pot of culinary treats. It has a wonderful floral flavor making it a compliment to most any dish from breakfast to dinner.

HAMAJANG // In Pidgin English it means “messed up”. 60% of the sauce is Kiawe (relative to Mesquite) Smoked fresh Bhut Jolokia ( Ghost Peppers ) and 40% fresh Habanero. So you’re asking what’s messed up about it? Its not the sauce that’s messed up, it could mess you up if you decide to eat to much of it too quickly, it’s HOT!
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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 x 6.25 x 2.25 in
1st Flavor

Jalapeno, Bangkok, Habanero, Hamajang

2nd Flavor

Pineapple, Jalapeno, Bangkok, Habanero, Hamajang

3rd Flavor

Jalapeno, Bangkok, Habanero


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build your own adoboloco maui hawaii hotsauce gift pack or 3 pack

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