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Adoboloco Hawaii Hot Sauce named one of the “Best Hot Sauces To Cure Sriracha Fatigue” ~ Huffington Post

Adoboloco has embodied the old style Hawaiian “chili pepper water” and revolutionized it into a modern day fusion hot sauce only using 4-5 ingredients. SIMPLE IS BEST! Our sauces are 100% natural. Perfect for those looking for a fully flavored alternative to the mass market hot sauces or dressings usually containing one or more ingredient you can’t pronounce. Adoboloco hot sauces range from mild to very hot, but never compromise on flavor. Often used as an alternative to salad dressing, sauteing vegetables and on any meal from breakfast to dinner.

Word on the street

  • Food-loving celebrity influencer (and all-around badass momma whose opinion you just can’t not trust), Chrissy Tiegen, gave a shout-out to Adoboloco Hot Sauce in a recent Instagram story, calling it one of the “10 best hot sauces in the world.”
  • Speaking of celebrities, Adoboloco brought the heat on season five of the online web series “Hot Ones,” where big names like Charlize Theron and Alton Brown got to enjoy a taste of their Hamajang Kiawe Smoked Ghost Pepper sauce.
  • According to Bon Appétit, who featured the brand in their July 2014 grilling issue, Adoboloco hot sauces “rock” and are “a perfect match for grilling, BBQ, grilled vegetables, burgers, steak, and pretty much anything.”
  • In a feature on the best brunch spots in Honolulu, Thrillist was impressed that all the tables at Waikiki’s Mahina & Sun’s came stocked with a bottle of Adoboloco hot sauce.
  • In case you still had any doubts, Oprah also included Adoboloco hot sauce in a list of their most delicious hostess gifts.


Adoboloco is proud to provide ultra clean labeling. It’s all natural, non-GMO, free from
fillers, refined sugars and oils. We do all of this without sacrificing flavor.


Do you have love?
If you do than you should plant a garden.
Plant your seeds and watch them grow high.
With water and sunshine and love mixed with care.
They might reach the sky
And fill the air.

When you plant seeds and watch them grow
You will find things you don’t know.
So do research and find out
And watch your good bugs go out and about.

By: S. Parsons, 11 years old, 2015

What makes Adoboloco hot sauces unique?

The way we grow and select chili peppers from our farmers is similar to fine wine or coffee. Adoboloco hot sauces are based on the flavor of the pepper varietals. Just like a crop of grapes or coffee, the seasonal and environmental changes can affect the flavor, color and heat levels. We embrace these and mention it on each bottle.

Adoboloco hot sauce is naturally preserved by the ingredients in the sauce. We don’t use any fillers, gums, oils or sugars to thicken our sauces. They’re totally natural and you can taste the difference. All of our hot sauce flavors only have 4 ingredients… total. Except for the Pineapple & Mango Habanero Hot Sauces, they have 5 ingredients each.

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Adoboloco Hawaiian Hot Sauce Company sprouted from a home school gardening project in Maui, Hawaii. Now the hot sauce business involves the whole Parsons family and is being used as a teaching platform for their children’s education. Adoboloco partners with small local farms to source the fresh ingredients for their unique and delicious sauces.

Adoboloco is expanding in 2015 with a facility on Oahu in Hawaii and starting a production facility in Portland, Oregon starting in October 2015. This will streamline the process of shipping and help reduce the added cost of ocean freight.

We’ve been hand crafting our artisan hot sauces professionally for almost 4 years now. We look forward to many more with your continued support.

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Adoboloco produces small batch hot sauces and handmade pantry goods in Hawaii and Portland, Oregon. We’re a small family business.

We’re always looking to create new relationships with local farmers in Hawaii, Portland, Oregon and the greater Pacific Northwest. We love using locally grown organic produce, locally harvested sea salt and apple cider vinegar for our tasty Adoboloco Hot Sauces, Condiments and Handcrafted Pantry Goods.

Here on our website you’ll be able to read about our family/ohana and how Adoboloco got started and continues to grow today. You’ll also be able to find the products that we produce for online purchase in our Hot Sauce Shop that include: Jalapeno (Our original flavor of mild hot sauce that started it all), Bangkok (Thai Chili Sauce), Habanero, Hamajang (Smoked Ghost Pepper) and Pineapple Habanero (Responsibly Farmed Fresh Sweet Hawaiian Pineapple).

Adoboloco Hawaiian & Portland Oregon Hot Sauce Co. also produces seasonal specialty hot sauces and condiments on a limited basis due to availability. A few of these items are: Hawaiian Hot Sauce (Pure Hawaiian Chili Pepper Sauce), Kolohe (Pure Hawaiian Ghost Pepper Sauce) and Maui No Ka Oi (Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Hot Sauce. One of our newest pantry items that will be available in 2016 is our, Whole Handcrafted Pacific Northwest Smoke Peppers called Jalapeño Chico. These will be available for wholesale and ordered with or without Ghost Peppers added for some extra tasty heat.